Kingscarbine Miniatures


I've decided to invest some of my piggy bank money to start a company. There's no timetable and I'm still considering turning to Kickstarter for some investment or request you generous contributions to help pay the the sculptors and production moulds. 

I have Stephen May waiting for the list(s) to start sculpting and send manikins and equipment to Griffin Moulds. My plan is to start slow and see how it goes. I hope to finish the range in a couple of years or more depending on the sales. My aim is to make compatible figures with the Perry's ACW range as some of their stuff will work nicely for the period and  use the artillery and other equipment from the various available ranges.

My plan is to start simply, with basic troops from each army (that includes infantry, cavalry and artillery), giving customers enough to make a playable force from each side. I decided to build the range chronologically. This might be a good way to work as armies change in some way throughout the war.

Anyone interested in contributing either financially or with info can PM me or email. Those who contribute financially will be considered "The Founding Fathers" and will have special status (first to get figures, discounts and special figures).



This is what I propose to do in the first stage:

Mounted Generals
Mounted Colonels
Line Infantry marching/advancing (shouldered musket)
Line Infantry command marching /advancing (can get away with using these for the Militia)
Militia marching /advancing (shouldered musket)
Line Cavalry w/shako and lance
Line Cavalry command
Artillery crews

Mounted Generals
Mounted Colonels
Line Infantry marching regulation dress
Line Infantry command marching
Line Infantry marching tropical dress
Line Cavalry
Line Cavalry command
Artillery crews

Mounted Generals
Mounted Colonels
Line Infantry marching kepi
Line Infantry command
Voluntarios da Patria marching hat
Voluntarios da Patria Command
National Guard Cavalry (Gauchos)
National Guard command
Line Cavalry
Line Cavalry command
Artillery crews

Florida Battalion
Florida command

NEWS 25/05/2013

First masters are on the way to the caster and should be available through Empress Miniatures sometime soon. In the meantime here are the photos of the first three packs:

PAR.01 Line Infantry

PAR.02 Militia Infantry

 PAR.03 Line/Militia Command


pacofeanor said...

Long live and good luck for King carbine miniatures !

Hope to see 1859 italian campaign or China 1860 soon after !

best regards

Nuno Pereira said...

I hope to do II Empire French in the future. Who can resist those uniforms? ;D