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If you liked the painting on the blog, and would like to have your figures painted, my services are available. Kingscarbine Miniatures is a London based professional service. I follow strict deontological ethics and have a good reputation with my customers. I accept commissions in various scales but feel more comfortable painting 10mm to 28mm figures.

Having a clear idea of what you want will help a great deal but I have many books on various periods and can paint the figures accurately without you spending too much time on research.


Infantry & Gun Crews
       £3.00 per figure
Cavalry and Guns
       £6.00 per figure
Generals, Mounted Officers
       £8.00 per figure
      £12.00 per model


Infantry & Gun Crew
        £4.00 per figure
Cavalry & Guns
£5.00/£6.00 per figure
Mounted Command Figures
        £7.00 per figure
£7.00/£15.00 p/ model


Infantry & Gun Crew
       £6.00 per figure
Cavalry, Mounted Officers and Guns
       £10.00 per figure
Generals, Command figures
       £10.00 per figure
£10.00/£20.00 p model

*WW2/Modern figures in camo and complex patterns, such as kilts, have different prices. For reference see bellow but contact for details.

Infantry & Gun Crews £4.00 per figure
Infantry in half/full Camo £5.00/£6.00 per figure
Mounted/Motorcycles & Guns £5.00/£6.00 per figure/model
Vehicles w/ Camo £7.00/£15.00 per model

20% Discount on >£100.00 GBP commissions.
30% Discount on >£500.00 GBP Commissions.

Basic prices include basing and varnishing but not cleaning. All figures should be cleaned before sending to me (flash and mould lines removed). Time spent cleaning figures could be spent painting. 

When I have completed the painting of the figures/models I will contact you requesting payment and postal charges. Payment can be made via Paypal.

Please note I only paint to a good and/or high standard. If you are a manufacturer or shop that needs figures painted for shows or the web, I accept part of the payment in miniatures!

Delivery times vary depending on the number and/or complexity of the commissions I have at the time. For queries and additional details please contact: 

Nuno Pereira
39 Jordan Road

Phone: 02082481939 (UK)
Mobile: 07769089270 (UK)

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