Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Beasts of War - Salute part 2

The Beasts of War website has a Salute film.  At about 28 mins into the interviews there's the Perry Mins stand and a shot of the booklet.

Friday, April 26, 2013

"All Honour Is Lost"

Thanks to everyone that ordered and/or bought the book at Salute. The book continues to sell well and it's a great incentive to continue researching and collecting information for a second volume. 

For those still undecided or wanting more information the book has 82 pages and is packed with maps and photos of miniatures. The scenarios are historically based with OOB and notes on how to translate them to your chosen rules.

The book is £20.00. P&P UK - £2.00; Europe - £4.50; Rest of World - £8.00. Please send payment and delivery address to PayPal account: 

1. NASAR and ASARTA (29-12-1833)
2. VIANA (4-9-1834)
3. ROAD to LOGROÑO (21-10-1834)
4. ALEGRÍA (27-10-1834)
5. MENDAZA (12-12-1834)
6. ARQUIJAS (15-12-1834)
7. ORMAIZTEGUI (3-1-1835)
8. LAS AMÉSCOAS (19–24-IV-1835)
9. MENDIGORRIA (16-7-1835)
10. SAN SEBASTIÁN (5-5-1836)
11. LUCHANA (24-12-1836)
12. ORIAMENDI (16-3-1837)
13. HUESCA (24-5-1837)
14. BARBASTRO (2-6-1837)
15. GRÁ/GUISONA (12-6-1837)
16. ZAMBRANA/ARMIÑON (21-7-1837)
18. ARANZUEQUE (19-9-1837)
19. RETUERTA (5-10-1837)
20. PERACAMPS (24-4-1840)

Some of the feedback:

"Just received my copy in the office post. Absolutely superb - high production values - lovely design and good-quality printing. The text looks very interesting and helpful too. A+
Congratulations on an excellent product."

"Just received my copy in the same post as some more figures from Perry. Possibly the best £20 I've spent. A fantastic effort. Can't wait for volume 2."

"Got mine today too. Really impressed spot on sir."

"Picked mine up today. Excellent quality and an interesting read. Good work, Nuno."

"Just received mine – excellent quality content, high production values – extremely good value for money.
Oh, and the packaging was incredibly robust – puts Amazon to shame.
Highly recommended – I'm hoping Nuno is tempted to produce some similar guides for other periods if he can match this quality."

Monday, April 22, 2013

Salute 2013 - Kingscarbine Miniatures

First figures and manikins have arrived from the caster. These two Paraguayan officers are the first of the range but lots more to come in the near future. Now that Steve has the manikins and equipment things will go much faster.

Salute 2013 - All Honour is Lost

I had a great day at Salute. Met many people personally -always good to put a face to a name- chatted with fellow gamers and made some new friends. 

The book sold well and I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback of the buyers. Thanks must go to the Perry brothers and Steve May for having me there. Those guys are A-OK.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kingscarbine Miniatures - Paraguayan War Range


Thanks to Steve May the first greens are ready for the mouldmaker. These Paraguayan officers will try to arrive for Salute in time. More news later. Stay tuned.

Best regards,

Nuno Pereira