Dark Ages and Medieval

Sub-Saharan skirmishers

These figures are Foundry DA Native Africans conversions for a North African WAB El Cid army. Spears were all handmade with copper wire and additional garments were added with greenstuff.


Iberian footsoldiers

These figures are from Gripping Beast's Spanish and Norman ranges. They were part of a commission done some years ago.



When I was building my Portuguese Reconquista army for El Cid one of the units I wanted to make was the Templars. At the time the figures closer to what I wanted were GB's later Crusades Knights/Sergeants. I converted them for an earlier/transitional period and used a hornblower from BTD  2nd Crusades Knights Command to complete the command figures. SOLD!

The Last Stand - Dark Ages Irish

Gripping Beast 28mm figures from their Hiberno Norse range.

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