Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"All Honour Is Lost" Kickstarter Project


I'm planning to republish "All Honour Is Lost" as a Kickstarter project. It will take some time but I plan to improve it a bit and finish the companion book that will include more scenarios and other useful stuff.

More news soonish.



Monday, January 20, 2014

Next Releases

Brazilian Officers Greens

BRA1. Fusiliers, marching (w/ kepi; barracks cap)
BRA2. Fusiliers, skirmishing (w/ kepi; barracks cap)
BRA3. Fusiliers Command (2 officers, 2 standard bearers, 2 musicians)
BRA4. Light Infantry advancing (w/ kepi; barracks cap)
BRA5. Light Infantry skirmishing (w/ kepi; barracks cap)
BRA6. Light Infantry Command (2 officers, 2 standard bearers, 2 musicians)

No dates yet.

Happy New Year!

There will be some changes to Kingscarbine Miniatures during 2014 with new packs and possibly new ranges.
I will take charge of all future sculpting. With this I intend to realease packs more regularly and take the current range to where I want and how I want it. It may take some time to get things back on track but I hope the quality of the figures will be as good.

Also, Iain of Flags of War will be working with me on the Paraguayan War flags. More news ASAP.
Thank you to all that have supported the company and showed interest in the miniatures. Now go buy some packs.